28 July, 2009

The World View vs. the Faith View

Our experiences in the world give to us a great many things including our ideals of what success is, what makes one worthy of something, and how to overcome obstacles. However, the world’s view of how things are isn’t always the truth and it isn’t always the best way to view or to go about a situation. When I write that “it isn’t always the best way,” what I mean is that it may achieve the desired result, but it may do so with undesired side-effects. So, whenever we set about to do something, our eyes should not just be “on the prize” so to speak. We need to be about producing all of the results of our method – not just obtaining the desired goal.

As an example, if I want to succeed at a business that I’ve started, there are many methods I could employ to help me achieve that goal. The worldly method would have me “crush” the competition by whatever means necessary believing that the environment is only available for survival by the “fittest.” A higher method might be to differentiate yourself among your competitors so that the service you offer is better suited to the customers you are trying to attract. This method doesn’t work to quash the competition. It allows each of your competitors to remain in business with the belief that there is enough business to support everyone. Knowing that there are infinite resources available, there is no fear of failure due to lack of customers.

So your method must be in line with what you are out to produce. If you want to produce a successful business regardless of the “cost,” either of the above methods could help you achieve that goal. If you want to produce a successful business without harming others and running them out of business, then the second option or one that is like-minded would be a better choice.

This takes us to what I wanted to write about today: “The World View vs. The Faith View.” When you have it in your heart to be something – a doctor, a writer, a corporate executive, or any thing else that you want to be – there is a vast difference in how we’ve been conditioned by the world to obtain that thing and an alternate way of obtaining that thing through faith. The world’s view about being anything is the “Have, Do, Be” method. In other words, if you desire to be a successful corporate executive, you have to first get the job (“have”), then you have to do the job well (‘do”), and then you can be a successful corporate executive (“be”).

From the viewpoint of faith, we can instead incorporate the “Be, Do, Have” method which looks like a reversal of the world’s method. First, we “be” what a successful corporate executive is. That means that we, in faith, begin thinking successfully. We begin imagining ourselves as successful corporate executives and imagine being that where ever you are. Then, we “do” what a successful corporate executive does. We dress (to the extent possible) how that executive would dress. We fashion our thinking after the thinking of an executive – “What would a successful executive do in this situation?” – and then we take action accordingly. After taking the first two steps in faith, God and the Universe respond to the faith that we released through our believing and acting, and they step in to cause the final part of the equation to be fulfilled. We then “have” what a successful corporate executive has – the job, the salary, the car, the wardrobe, and whatever else goes along with having the position you desired to have.

While the “Be, Do, Have” method sounds like the easy way to achieve anything – it isn’t. It takes a lot of intention. It takes focus. It takes patience. It takes faith – believing in the vision that you can’t see with your physical eyes. And, it requires that you walk in love.

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