14 July, 2009

If You Don’t Like What’s On the Outside, Change What’s On the Inside!

There’s a phenomenon that’s common to the human experience in which we continually create the same experience of life over and over again. If you look back over the course of your life, you will see that this phenomenon has been present at various points of your life and in different areas.

Look back at your relationships. Perhaps you left one relationship that wasn’t working for you, just to end up in another relationship, or even a string of relationships, that pretty much looked the same as the last. Whatever it was about the one relationship that didn’t work for you, continued to present itself in the next relationship(s) also. This is a common pattern that we see in Battered Wives Syndrome.

Look at your previous work situations. Did you ever leave a place of employment where you didn’t get along with your co-workers or your boss only to have the same experience at your next job?

What once occurred to me as Life handing me the same situation over and over again until I learned whatever lesson there was for me to learn, now occurs for me as Me creating the same situation over and over again until I change what’s on the inside. What we experience in our lives is always a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Our thoughts, our ideas, and what we believe to be true create our life experiences. We actually attract to ourselves what we think about and believe.

I know this is hard idea for some to swallow. I can imagine the thoughts of readers thinking, “I didn’t want this illness in my life” or, “I wasn’t wanting to have a car wreck or other such tragedy.” It’s not that you were literally thinking, “I want my house to catch on fire” or, “I want to be sick.” Instead, the things that have come into your life were attracted to you by the vibrational frequency of your thoughts.

For example, if it’s common-place for you to have feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, shame, fear, self-righteousness, judgment, or resignation, you are emitting thoughts that attract unwanted and unfavorable circumstances and situations into your life. The vibrational frequency of these thoughts is the same vibrational frequency of the unwanted events that you have experienced. That’s why it’s so important that we change our thinking. If we are thinking thoughts that make us feel good, we are attracting into our lives, positive, and desirable things.

After learning this lesson and changing my thinking to be positive, it’s now common-place for me to have people go out of their way to help me or to provide great customer service. I no longer catch myself grumbling about others’ attitudes or apathy. Instead, as I now live to be of service to others and to show them unconditional love, I receive back from others the kindness and love that I believe we all have within us to give.

If you find that you are creating the same unwanted life experiences for yourself over and over again, look at what you are thinking and what you believe to be true about yourself. Do you believe that you are less valuable than others? Do you believe that you have less to give or that you cannot make a contribution to those around you? Do you believe that your body has an unhealthy constitution that’s prone to sickness and disease? If so, you are only attracting to yourself negative life-events. Work on changing your thinking so that you maintain a positive self-image. Once the image you hold of yourself on the inside is that of the powerful, healthy, beautiful, whole and complete, and loving person that God created you, you will see positive and desirable things manifest in your life.

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