05 July, 2009

Our Worlds are created by our Words

Our Worlds are created by our Words. This may be a new concept to some. Others may believe this to be the truth based on their study of scriptures or of quantum physics / quantum mechanics. Regardless of where you are along this spectrum, I’d like to share the following with you.

I hold, and I believe that science bears out, that our universe is a monistic one. Simply put, everything that we know, whether it be a physical object, a sensation such as the wind, or something from the spiritual (unseen) plane, is made up of the same substance – energy. Everything that can be seen is actually made up of molecules of energy that are moving at a very rapid pace. Trees, the desk your computer sits on, clouds, the sun, ice - - all are made up of the very same substance - - it’s just vibrating at varying frequencies.

Our thoughts, too, vibrate at different frequencies. And, the frequencies we send out through our thinking and through the words we speak attract to us the things of which we are thinking / speaking. This can be farther broken down into two levels. At a macro-level, when we think thoughts that make us feel good about ourselves, we attract good things into our lives. And when we think thoughts that make us feel bad about ourselves, we attract bad things into our lives. At a micro-level, we can focus our thinking, to meditate on some goal or some thing that we want to obtain. By continually using meditation and thinking about: having achieved that thing, feeling how we will feel when we obtain that thing, and “seeing” how we will act when we obtain that thing - - we can bring about the existence of specific things into our lives.

While driving in your car, you might turn on the radio to listen to music. If you don’t like what’s on one channel, you turn the dial (or push the button) on your radio to change the frequency to which your radio is tuned. When the tuner reaches the desired frequency, you hear through your car’s speakers what is being broadcast by the radio station assigned to that frequency. If you don’t like the content, you simply change the frequency of your radio’s tuner.

In this way, we are like a radio or T.V. tuner. But, instead of projecting the content of our thoughts on a screen or speakers, the content of our thoughts shows up in our lives. How our lives look outwardly, is a direct reflection of the thoughts we have been thinking and the words we have been speaking - - with some time delay in between. Written another way, the circumstances of our lives, are a reflection of the types of thoughts (those that bring good feelings / bad feelings) we think and speak, and the things of which we think and speak.

This is the Law of Attraction (a.k.a. the Law of Faith) at work.

The Law of Attraction states that:

  • Like attracts like
  • What we think about, we bring about
  • Thoughts become things
  • Ask, Believe, & Receive (What we ask for, we then believe that we have received it, and then we will receive it.)

I realize that sounds rather simplistic. And, actually it is simple. There are other things (and other laws) that come into play when using your Faith / the Law of Attraction, such as Gratitude and Thanksgiving, and having a level of Integrity with your own word such that you have faith in what you say.

This has simply been an introduction to the basic principle of the Law of Attraction / Faith. During the remainder of this month, I will be blogging about the various attributes of this law and the things that affect its efficacy in our lives.

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