09 July, 2009

The Power of Thoughts

or…...."Thoughts Become Things"

In my blog of Sunday, July 5th, in which I introduced the Law of Attraction, I included the four axioms of that law. Two of those tenets are: (1) Thoughts become things and (2) What you think about, you bring about.

Thought is a powerful tool according to the Law of Attraction. This law asserts that those things to which we give the majority of our thought-life, will manifest in the physical world, with some action on our part. Luckily for us, we don’t have thoughts and then immediately see the results of our thoughts manifested. If we did, I dare say we would all be in trouble. That would be like you thinking “mountain of gold” and then having a gold mountain appear, seemingly out of thin air, right before your eyes!

Instead, when we desire something and we continually think or meditate about that thing, we will receive some inspiration that will prompt us to take an action or actions, that will ultimately result in us obtaining that thing. Our thoughts don’t produce results without some action on our part. In other words, you can’t spend an hour of your workday each day in day-dreaming about getting that new job to just have the new job magically drop into your lap. The Law doesn't work like that. The universe requires that you be in action. The action you are prompted to take may not seem inspired at the moment of inspiration. It may seem that by coincidence, you meet the person who is in a position to get your resume into the hands of the right hiring manager. Or, you might feel the urge to make a change to your resume - - and that change will be the thing that makes the difference to the individual reviewing your submission.

We don’t dictate to the universe how or when something will manifest. We don’t choose the channels through which our desires will come. There are endless possibilities of how we might ultimately receive the things we desire. But how and when, is up to the universe to determine. Our part is to spend time meditating on the things we desire, and to take action when inspired to do so.

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