15 July, 2009

Why are my Thoughts & Words Not Producing the Desired Effects? - Part I

The Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts and spoken words to bring about that which we think about & that of which we speak. What many people don’t realize is that this law is blind to whether we are thinking in the negative or positive - - it just responds to that which we think about the most. And many people who aren’t getting the results they want are thinking about what they don’t want instead of what they do want.

As an example, in the English language, we consider the following two sentences to basically mean the same thing:

“I am healthy and well.”
“I don’t get sick or feel badly.”

However, the Law of Attraction regards the above two sentences as two completely different statements. This law doesn’t regard whether a thought is formed in the positive or negative. It simply responds to the dominate words contained in the thought itself.

So, in the thought, “I am healthy and well,” the universe responds to the words “healthy” and “well.” In the thought, “I don’t get sick or feel badly,” the universe responds to the words “sick” and “feel badly.” As you can see, the outcome of thinking “healthy and well” will be very different from the outcome of thinking “sick and feel badly.”

Again, this brings us back to yet another reason that we need to be thinking thoughts that are positive. Thinking positive thoughts about our self-image, our self-worth and value, our abilities, our health, our finances, our intelligence, our relationships, our inter-relational skills, etc. are all the types of thoughts we should be thinking. When we think along these lines, we will notice that we feel good about ourselves.

In contrast, thinking thoughts that start with: “I don’t want…..,” “I don’t need….,” “I am not….,” and “I won’t be……” are all phrased in the negative. These thoughts will only lead us down one path - - the path of causing the universe to manifest those things that we don’t want in our lives. If we don’t want something, our pursuit should be to only think about it’s opposite - - what we do want.

As I wrote in my blog of Monday, July 6, 2009, entitled, “Fighting Against Sickness”, “…we must realize that no one has ever gotten, or become, something by studying its opposite. In other words, no one has ever gotten peace by studying war. No one has ever produced a non-addicted society by studying drugs. We don’t obtain righteousness by studying sin. We don’t gain wealth by studying poverty.  And, we certainly don’t obtain healing by studying disease.” We only obtain what we want by thinking positively and speaking positively about that which we want.

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