20 July, 2009

Why are my Thoughts & Words Not Producing the Desired Effects? – Part II

or……….”Size Doesn’t Matter but Worthiness Does”

The Law of Attraction (LOA) responds to our dominant thoughts and spoken words to bring about that which we think about most & that of which we speak. While we have in our minds concepts such as: big or little, and worthiness or deservedness, the LOA doesn’t pay attention to any of that nonsense. This law doesn’t care if you are believing for something that is really big (something that’s a major stretch for you to believe based on your present circumstances) or something small (that you could easily buy for yourself without breaking your budget). And, the LOA doesn’t consider your deservedness of receiving the thing for which you ask.

Along side of ‘thinking about what we don’t want (instead of what we do want),’ (see previous post) the above two thoughts make up the top three reasons that people don’t receive that for which they’ve believed.

So, let’s talk about the size issue first. What we see as a big thing, requires the same amount of effort (or energy) for God to produce as what we see as a small thing. Both things are made of the same stuff – energy. It truly doesn’t make a difference to the universe whether you’re believing for a parking spot or for $1,000.00. Both are made of energy. And the channels that need to be opened, the pathways that need to be unblocked, or the hearts of men that need to be stirred, are all made up of energy. It’s just energy that’s vibrating at different frequencies.

And now, let’s talk about the worthiness issue. Many people do not receive what they tell themselves and others that they are believing for because, at their very core, they do not believe that they deserve to receive that for which they’ve asked. Ask anyone and s/he can tell you - - off the top of his/her head, 10 “good” reasons why s/he doesn’t deserve to get the thing which s/he desires. The majority of us judge ourselves to be unworthy of receiving anything for free. We believe that we need to be good “enough”, work hard “enough”, give to charities “enough”, go to church “enough”, “do volunteer work “enough.” Can you see what’s in common with the above thoughts? They are each about doing something enough! God’s not dangling a carrot on a string attached to a pole in front of us to coerce us to do anything. God’s fundamental nature is to give. That is who He is. Therefore, He’s not moved by your doing anything enough. In fact, He’s not moved by your doing altogether! He simply wants to give you His love.

Both of the above beliefs come down to one shared central theme: where you are at with your faith? Do you believe that you can ask for $1,000.00 and receive it? Do you feel that you could believe for a cup of coffee and receive it? Do you believe that you are worthy to receive that new job (or promotion)? Do you believe that you aren’t the best qualified candidate no matter what the job is for which you would like to apply?

If you have issues using the LOA because of the “size” of your wants, begin with small things. Exercise the Law of Attraction by believing today for a cup of coffee or a bagel or something small. Once that thing is attracted into your life, begin to gradually increase your faith - - each time asking for something “bigger” than you received the last time. The exercising of your faith will help you develop that muscle to believe, just like physical exercise develops our body’s muscles.

If you have issues with your low self-image / self-worth, begin to see yourself as worthy simply because you have a place on this planet. You are God’s master creation and you were created to be the recipient of His love. Begin declaring to yourself as often as possible:

I Deserve Good Things In My Life.

I Am worthy of receiving good things.

I Abundantly receive my desires from the universe, because God desires to richly bless me.

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