10 July, 2009

How do we Attract Good Things by Thinking Good Thoughts?

Experts disagree on the number, but researchers estimate that the average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts/day.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep track of that many thoughts!  In fact, I’m certain that I’m not consciously aware of all 60,000 thoughts.  In my case, it may be closer to 100 – 200 thoughts that I am consciously aware of thinking.  If all thoughts entering our minds are not the result of us consciously thinking them, where do the rest of these thoughts come from?

I don’t have the answer to that question.  But I do take heart in knowing that I’m not at the source of all of the thoughts that go through my head.  That means, some of these random thoughts that enter your mind from time to time, aren’t the result of you consciously thinking them.  That should relieve a fair amount of worry for some.  Having a random thought about doing something that is outside of your character doesn’t mean that you are flawed or that there is anything wrong with you.  It simply means that particular thought wasn’t from you. 

We need to get our thinking corrected in this area.  For many of us, we haven’t been having thoughts.  Instead, our thoughts have been having us!  What I mean by that is that we believe that we are our thoughts.  That is absolutely not true.  Your thoughts do not make up who you are.  You determine who you are.  And, you have the right to think thoughts in line with who you say you are.  And, you also have the right to disregard any thoughts that pop into your mind, which don’t line up with who you say you are.  Those thoughts aren’t from you anyway.

So, if we’re having so many thoughts of which we are unconscious, how do we know whether or not we’re thinking “good” thoughts?  Well, we do know from the Law of Attraction that if we want to attract good things into our lives, we need to focus on thinking “good” thoughts.  This is where we need to tune in to our feelings.  Our emotions, or feelings, are the prime indicator of our thoughts.  In fact, at any time of the day, you can simply do a quick check of this by asking yourself, “How am I feeling right now?”  If you’re feeling good, your thoughts must be on good things.  It’s impossible to feel good while thinking “bad” thoughts, and vice-versa. 

Try this experiment right now.  Think of a fond memory you have from childhood or your young adult years.  Maybe a fond memory of a special time shared with your mother or your father or a childhood friend.  Now, while you’re thinking about that good memory, try to feel upset or angry.  It’s impossible!  You can’t feel bad if you’re thoughts are on good things.  Now we have an easy barometer to use to check our internal dialogue.  If you’re feeling good about yourself, you can know that your thoughts are on good things.  If you’re feeling bad about yourself, you can know that your thoughts are on negative things.

So, what do we do if our thoughts are on things that are making us feel bad?  Well, we all have things that can trigger a happy emotion/response from us.  You’ll want to think about what these are for you and have 3 – 5 “happy triggers” ready to use at a moment’s notice.  Things you may consider using are:

  • Listen to Music  (a favorite, or soothing piece of music can change your mood very rapidly)
  • Take a few minutes of time to spend with a Pet 
  • Recall a favorite Joke or antidotal story (one that makes you laugh heartily)
  • Recall a fond Memory of a favorite person you enjoy spending time with

There are many other “happy triggers” that you can use.  But the above are some of the most common and a good place with which to start.

Wishing you days filled with happiness and every good thing.

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