04 September, 2009

Living Your Life with Intent and Purpose

Our lives are clearly given (or, shaped if you will) by our beliefs.   And it is through our beliefs that power is given to our words and actions.   If we live our beliefs, then our words and deeds will be shaped by those beliefs and they will bear greater weight in the eyes and ears of those around us.   It’s the same phenomenon that’s present when someone shares with you about that which he is passionate.   When we hear and see the passion in another, we our moved with the inspiration conveyed in that person’s communication.

This same conveyance of energy is present for others when we act according to our convictions.   Those around us may not always agree with what we say or do.   But if we are acting out of our passion or conviction, they will be moved and freely see that we are doing what we believe to be right.

In that same vein, there is a power that is made available to us when we operate with intentionality.   When we intend to accomplish something, there is a rigor and a discipline that is present in us, and there is a power that is present for us to make that thing happen.   And while intention can be given in the moment, it is most powerful when it is given by the purpose we have in life.

What we have purposed for our lives, or what we see as our life’s purpose, gives us additional power to produce that for which we are living.   And along with that power, comes the additional power added by our intention to live out our life’s purpose.   Those who are living without purpose may find that they are getting along just fine in life.   But they will lack that something extra, that added spark of excitement one has to get up in the morning or to produce that day what one has planned to produce.

I’ve seen a hundred times over a phenomenon that I believe most of us have seen.   In my life, I’ve had many co-workers or friends retire from work and many have retired to do nothing.   In my eyes, there is nothing more harmful for someone than to be about nothing.   Not only are the people who are about something the ones who make a difference in the world, but they are also the people who have something for which to live.   Once someone retires, if he has nothing to live for, the pattern I’ve witnessed is that he dies earlier than his given life expectancy.   When we’re about nothing, we have nothing to live for; nothing to wake us up in the morning; nothing about which to be excited.

Finding our passion gives us something to live for.   We all of a sudden are up to something in life.   We are up to creating something that’s bigger than who we have known ourselves to be.   And, we suddenly will find renewed purpose, power, energy, and life-sustaining force that will be evident in our every word and action.

If you don’t know what you’re passionate about or what your purpose in live is, it’s not too late to find it.   Be watchful of your emotions.  Look to see what lights you up.   You might be timid in expressing it to anyone right away because you haven’t had time to be with it yourself.   Once you key in on that which you love, begin to imagine that as your life’s purpose.   You don’t have to know how it will come about.   That’s up to God and the Universe.   We don’t choose the channels and we don’t choose the how.   Just allow yourself to begin desiring a life in which you are living your passion.   And be prepared to take action once inspiration for action arises within you.

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