03 September, 2009

Does It Not Look Like It Was Supposed To?

It’s difficult as a blogger to fully express a thought or idea in just a few paragraphs or a page.   There are so many variables that can be at play in any given thing.   So, there may be times that you disagree with what I’ve written because it may seem like a blanket statement.   I’ve tried my best to lay groundwork on this blog to develop my basic philosophies of life.   But, if one has not read all of the previous blogs, or if too much time has elapsed in between the like-ideas I’ve written about, it may seem that my world-view is somewhat slanted.

While the idea of blogging is that one is able to reach many people with short bursts of information, it has a downfall from the idea of a book in which someone can develop concepts, one on top of the other, to take a reader to some destination.   I write this simply to request that you keep this in mind as you read my writings.   I don’t believe that one blog will ever fully express how I feel about one subject or idea.   Nor can I imagine that one blog would provide all of the information one would need to transform a certain area of his life.   That being said, I do welcome any feedback, arguments, or ideas you have that may differ from what I’ve delivered here.   Unless I know how you are taking in the information, I’m blind to the changes in delivery that I may need to make.   So I want to extend a hearty thank you to all of you who have provided feedback thus far.

Thank You for your correspondence and your readership!!!

In our humanity, we have a predispositioned way of being which is to compare everything!   We compare where we were to where we are now.   We compare ourselves to others.   It’s part of our nature to judge and assess our lives, the lives of others, and everything in-between.   It doesn’t have to be that way and you may even know someone who has transcended above being that way.   It is something that can be transformed and, to do so requires a lot of intentionality!

But, seeing as how this is where most of us “live,” I thought it might be of help to draw your attention to this pattern that we have.   If you examine your life in its current state, you might even be able to quickly identify an area of your life that does not look like you had thought it would.   Maybe you imagined you would have more money.   Or, maybe you thought your health would be in a different state.   Possibly you’re living somewhere you never imagined you would live.   Or maybe your family structure looks differently than you would have believed.

What is it about that area of your life that looks differently from what you had thought it would?   Right now, how would you assess the difference?   Do you think that it’s good / bad?   Is it a workable situation or is it unworkable?   Do you find yourself wishing it were different or are you satisfied with where you are?

When we find ourselves in a place of comparison, there will always be one thing that we hold as better and the other as worse.   In our eyes, there is a clear winner and a distinct loser.   And, when we allow ourselves to get into that place of comparison, we will always find ourselves on the losing end!   Not so much because we always believe that everyone else is better off than we are, but because the mere act of comparison leaves us disempowered to be fully self-expressed and to allow the same of others.

There is a point-of-view (or state of being) that can provide us greater power in these areas.   And this more powerful place to stand is in the realm of satisfaction.   Just as a cold bottle of water can provide great satisfaction to your body if you’ve been working hard in the sun, learning to be satisfied with what we have and where we are in life can be equally rewarding on an emotional level.   Our well-being is completely affected by our satisfaction of life and of our present circumstances.

Being satisfied does not mean that you can’t, or shouldn’t, desire more out of life.   Our lives are meant to constantly be expanding.   However, there’s a certain peace that takes over when you can learn to be satisfied with where you are and what you have.   From that satisfaction, gratitude will be a natural expression for you – gratitude for what you possess, for who you are, and for the people in your life.   And, when gratitude abounds, joy springs up within our souls.

Take a few minutes to reflect on your life.   For what are you grateful?   If something doesn’t look like you thought it should, can you allow it to be as it is for right now?   If you can be satisfied with the conditions of your life right now, I promise you will find a place of peace and joy.   But satisfaction is a moment-by-moment condition.   It’s continuously an option to choose to be satisfied or to choose not to be.   The choice, and its consequences, is yours.

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