02 September, 2009

Letting Go – Allowing Your Desires to Manifest

Have you ever had the experience of wanting something really badly? You thought about it and thought about it. You focused a lot of your thought life on it. And you maybe even prayed for it. Then, once you didn’t get it, there may have come a time when you just let go of it? I don’t mean that you let go as if you no longer wanted it. I simply mean that the grip it seemed to have on you suddenly loosened. And, while you still wanted it, you no longer had to have it. Then, once you let go, that thing you wanted all of a sudden manifested for you?

I’ve had this experience in my life at several different times over the years. In fact, it happened again in the last couple of days. And while I don’t believe that my few experiences are enough to base any solid belief on, I did notice something else that coincided with this happening – I had a total shift in my being.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you know that for the entire month of July I blogged solely on the aspects of The Law of Attraction and Faith. And you also know that I firmly believe that we create our own experience of this life. So, it will come to no surprise to you that I regularly re-examine what’s present in my life and what’s missing. That’s just part of the process that I use to plan and create the life that I want.

And in the work of creating, I always stand in possibility. I have to first create the possibility of something happening before I can believe for it to happen. So, along these lines, I have been using a daily affirmation for sometime. It is an affirmation related to the health and healing of my body. And just to provide a little more background on this affirmation, it’s based in my firm belief that our bodies were created to heal themselves. Most everyone has had experience with this. Even a small cut on your finger will heal itself within days.

As background, what most of you probably don’t know is that I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. Simply put, our heart valves have three flaps where my aortic valve only had two. And after awhile, the two flaps on that valve began to wear out and were allowing blood to flow back into my heart. At the same time this was discovered (Nov ’07), the doctors also discovered an aneurysm of 9 cm. on my ascending aorta which put me at critical risk. If the aneurysm were to rupture, there would be no chance of saving me as I would bleed out internally very quickly. Along with these two conditions, my body just seemed to go out of whack in several areas. And so even though I had a very successful open-heart surgery in December ’07 to replace the valve and repair the aneurysm, I was still left with several physical issues to deal with besides allowing my body to mend and recover from the surgery.

That being said, towards the end of last year, I declared that 2009 was going to be my year of health and healing. I planned on getting into the best physical shape of my life and ridding my body of all ailments. I threw myself into chiropractics, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, and found a good functional-medicine primary care doctor. I underwent an elimination diet to determine if I had any underlying food allergies. And, I began reading everything I could get my hands on and understand about modern (non-surgical / non-prescription) healing techniques and methods.

So anyway, last year during my recovery, I started declaring an affirmation several times I day. I would say to myself, “My body is healing itself. It continuously replaces diseased and damaged cells with new, vibrant, and healthy ones.” It actually took me a couple of weeks of alterations to come up with that particular wording and I felt that it thoroughly encompassed what I believed and for what I was standing.

But in the past few days, something shifted in my being. On the one side, I was standing in what I saw possible for my future. And then, after this shift in my being, I was all of a sudden standing in what I now see as having been already accomplished and as being in my past. I don’t mean to say that anything physically has changed. But the shift in my being was simply this letting go that coincided with a knowing that all of the things I had recently believed for were already taken care of and would soon manifest. The culmination of this realization came on Monday night as I lay in bed. I started to declare my affirmation and it came out of my mouth differently! I found myself declaring, “My body has healed itself. It has replaced diseased and damaged cells with new, vibrant, and healthy ones.”

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just my healing that I had been concerned with and for which I had believed. I have also been pursuing a new career in writing among other things. When this shift happened on Monday, all of a sudden my readership in this blog shot up (by more than 1,000%) overnight! Other things have also manifest relating to the other things for which I believed.

I’m starting to see that when we desire something so much, not letting go of that desire simply holds the wheels of motion at bay. When we can place the desired thing into the past, knowing that it has already been taken care of, we let go of the energy we have been using to hold on to that thing and that allows God and the Universe to take over. Moving ourselves spiritually and mentally from the state of desire to a state of having (even if we don’t yet see it physically), allows the manifestation of the desired thing(s).

Take a look at your life. Are there things you desire, on to which you are still holding? Can you let go now and leave it/them in God’s hands? There’s a huge difference in believing for something and knowing that something you wanted has already transpired. Place your desires in the past as a done-deal. Allow yourself to really feel the feelings of having those things for which you believed and you will have them.

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