10 August, 2009

Living in Possibility

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “anything’s possible.” Many of us have said it at one time or another – using it as a nifty catch-phrase. And yet, the irony of that phrase is that we don’t live our lives as if anything were possible. In fact, you and I live our lives by taking as much possibility out of every circumstance that we can. One might even say that we’re “possibility killers.”

We don’t seem to like the unknown. In fact, we seem to fear it. So, rather than creating our lives newly all of the time, we measure others in order to “know” exactly how they will respond to any request that we make of them. We seem to gravitate toward the predictable. And when things aren’t predictable, we tend to steer clear of them as much as possible. In fact, I would assert that most of us would rather live in hope than in faith.

The state of hope is the knowing that there is the possibility of achieving what we want, but believing, that we will most likely never attain that thing unless some source, external to ourselves, swoops in and makes it happen for us. The state of belief is the knowing that, rather than having our lives be given to us by external circumstances, we create the lives that we live – both by our beliefs and by our actions. You see, hope was only ever meant to get us to the state of faith – as an intermediary position. It was never meant to be our destination. And yet, that’s where most people spend their lives!

But, if we want to live our lives as created lives, then we must move away from hope into belief, and we must abandon our fear of the unknown. When we live in faith, we open ourselves up to the possibility that what we believe will happen, will happen. And, when we live in the possibility created by our faith, we create the space for unknown events to take place in our lives. These events are necessary to bring our beliefs to fruition. But if we don’t live in faith, then we can’t live in possibility, and that suppresses the manifestation of those things which we desire.

How would your life look differently if you lived every day as if anything where possible? What if you believed that something new and exciting was going to happen to you each day? What if you got out of bed each morning, and as you prepared yourself for the day, you started to brim with excitement – because of your expectations of what that day would bring? Would the possibility of living the life that you created, be enough possibility to get you to step over into possibility each day?

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