24 June, 2010

My OWN Talk Show

I'm requesting your help in getting me selected as a finalist for Oprah's "My OWN Talk Show" reality contest.  Click on the following link to see my video submission for my talk show idea and to vote for me:  My Video Submission / Vote

You can vote more than once.  I'm requesting that you vote at least once for me every day until the contest is over.  The contest ends on July 3rd.  Since I just submitted my video, I have little time to obtain votes.

I would sincerely appreciate you telling others about my request and asking them to vote for me as well.  You can also link to my voting page via Facebook by clicking on this link.  By clicking on the "Suggest To Friends" link under my picture, you can send this request to your friends on Facebook.  You can also click on the "Like It" link in order to link to the page on your wall.

Thank you for your help in making a dream of mine come true. 

Peace and Blessings.

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